“The Black Card” – The Card Every Billionaire Has In Their Wallet [Infographic]

What’s the credit card that every billionaire has in their wallet? It’s the American Express Centurion “Black Card.” If you’re wondering how Oprah Winfrey and others roll in style, you’ll want to check out this rarely seen–but always recognized–Black Card that no billionaire is without. The American Express Centurion “Black Card” has no limits. If […]

Getting a Credit Card for the First Time

I got my first credit card in my early 20’s. It was a secured credit card through my bank. You see, I didn’t know what I needed to know about getting a credit card. I knew “paper or plastic” and how to spend that credit card, and I also wanted to build some credit. A […]

When Cutting Up Your Credit Card Hurts Your Credit Score

You’re credit score is one of the most important aspects of your financial well-being. Though there are ways other than credit cards to build, repair or maintain your credit score, nothing is as easy as swiping your credit card. A Closer Look at Credit Score Your credit score is a mathematical calculation used by lenders to assess your […]

Teaching Your Teenager About Credit Cards

Teaching your child financial responsibility is one of the most important tools you brace them with. Unfortunately we can’t rely on them learning any financial skills in school so it’s our responsibilities as parents to prepare our kids the best we can. Don’t Become Me I am the perfect example of what can happen if not braced […]

The Lucrative Side of Credit Cards: Are Credit Cards Really That Bad?

In the personal finance niche, credit cards tend to have a negative connotation. There are many stories about people climbing out of what is seemingly insurmountable credit card debt, myself included. If used incorrectly credit cards can be quite detrimental, but they don’t have to be. Education Proper credit card use starts with education. Something I was lacking. […]

Steps To Build Your Credit Score [Infographic]

This week’s financial infographic lays out the key steps needed to build your credit score. Whether or not you agree with how the score is calculated or the impact it has on so many aspects of your life, you can’t deny that a great score will save you tons of money. Having a high score […]