Do Investments Make Good Gifts?

What do you give someone as a gift when they insist they have everything they need? Does this dilemma sound familiar? I’ve had this happen to me and it can leave you in a tough spot. On one hand you need a great gift, but on the other, you have no idea what that great […]

Blue Apron Step by Step Review

  In today’s age of smart phones and instant gratification, convenience is the name of the game.  People know what they want and when they want it.  And it’s usually right now.  If you’re in a rush and need to pick up some coffee or lunch but don’t want to wait in line, most stores […]

Should New College Grads Really Start Investing?

Right after I graduated from college and started my first “real” job I had to find a place to live, build a more professional wardrobe, pay off student loans, and purchase a few pieces of furniture for a new place. Unfortunately, all of these things cost money, which, as a recent college grad, I had […]

Paribus Review: Making Saving Simple

Online shopping has become the norm for Americans.  Gone are the days of browsing the mall or catalogs for gifts or household items.  Now in just a few clicks you can find what you’re looking for online and have it at your doorstep in a couple of days or even sooner. Convenience is great, but […]

5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

If you are ready to buy your home, there are a lot of things you should prepare for. It can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time to purchase your home, especially if this your first time. It can also get quite difficult to predict and know what to expect but with just a […]

How to Draft a Watertight Contract

When you’re running a business, you need legal contracts as a fact of life. When you run a small business, especially when you’re starting out, it’s unlikely you’ll have access to an inhouse lawyer for every contract you need. You’ll be working by customising templates, or reworking contracts you’ve previously used. Here are a few […]

4 Industries that are Great for Second Careers

In todays’ economy, it is rare for someone to stay with the same company or even a select few companies for their entire career.  A generation ago it was not all that uncommon to for someone to get a job in their early twenties and work for that one company their entire career.  Those types […]

How Much Do You Need To Save To Become A Millionaire By Age 65?

I was sitting in my apartment, looking over my net worth figures and feeling hopeless when a thought occurred to me. I don’t need to make any massive savings or investing moves to get rich, I just had to save, and save and save. Just to provide some background on this I was looking at […]

Should You Ever Buy Rental Property Sight Unseen?

When you are making a large purchase, such as a home or a car, most experts agree that it would be absurd to do so without looking it over yourself or hiring it done to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. If you are buying a home specifically, there is usually […]

Why Alternative Loan Solutions are Dangerous for the Financially Illiterate

People are considered to be financially illiterate when they lack the education and understanding of fiscal matters and the existing relationship between the financial decisions they make and their future. Financially illiterate people are characterized by the inability to manage personal and commercial financial matters efficiently. Such matters entail insurance, real estate, investment, retirement, and […]