Is it Ever a Good Idea to Borrow From Retirement Savings?

Life is expensive, and few people can manage to cover healthcare, college savings, retirement savings, a mortgage, the daily costs of living, and accumulate a large emergency fund. So if you’re laid off, face a family medical emergency, or are drowning in debt, borrowing from your retirement savings can feel like a tempting option. After […]

How Sales Can Improve with Business Automation

Whatever industry your business is in, marketing and sales go hand-in-hand and it can take up a big chunk of your operations budget. Sales is the lifeline of companies, whether dealing in services and products for either businesses or consumers that gives more revenue in a lesser amount of time. You can improve your sales […]

Should Parents Pay for Their Kids’ College?

When it’s time to send your kid off to college, the inevitable question will come up: Who should pay? For those who are seen as pretty well off, most people will assume it’s the parents’ responsibility. But does it have to be?  Parents Can Give Their Children A Better Start Into Adulthood As parents we […]

Should You Get a Mortgage Loan Online?

Purchasing a home is a life-altering event, and into it goes an enormous amount research and decisions.  One of the biggest questions people ask is, “How am I going to pay for this home?” Unless you are well versed in finance, navigating through financial jargon is overwhelming and confusing. The vast array of financial institutions […]

Using Cost-Effective Upgrades to Increase Property Value

Your home represents one of your most substantial investments, so you’d naturally like to see its value appreciate during the time you own it.  Ideally, the real estate market will help you reach this expectation, boosting your property value over time.  There are no guarantees, however, particularly during periods of economic uncertainty.  As a result, […]

Busting Tax Myths

The very mention of tax time can be enough to raise stress levels and dampen moods. Many people dread the tedious tax filing process and the seemingly small hope of getting back a refund. There are plenty of myths surrounding tax time that cause these negative notions, but not all the ideas you may have […]

Do Investments Make Good Gifts?

What do you give someone as a gift when they insist they have everything they need? Does this dilemma sound familiar? I’ve had this happen to me and it can leave you in a tough spot. On one hand you need a great gift, but on the other, you have no idea what that great […]

Blue Apron Step by Step Review

  In today’s age of smart phones and instant gratification, convenience is the name of the game.  People know what they want and when they want it.  And it’s usually right now.  If you’re in a rush and need to pick up some coffee or lunch but don’t want to wait in line, most stores […]

Should New College Grads Really Start Investing?

Right after I graduated from college and started my first “real” job I had to find a place to live, build a more professional wardrobe, pay off student loans, and purchase a few pieces of furniture for a new place. Unfortunately, all of these things cost money, which, as a recent college grad, I had […]

Paribus Review: Making Saving Simple

Online shopping has become the norm for Americans.  Gone are the days of browsing the mall or catalogs for gifts or household items.  Now in just a few clicks you can find what you’re looking for online and have it at your doorstep in a couple of days or even sooner. Convenience is great, but […]